22.07.2019: Sophia Terwiel receives FEPSAC Young Research Award


At the 15th European Congress of Sport & Exercise Psychology in Münster, Sophia Terwiel (third from left on stage) was honored with the FEPSAC Young Research Award. Congratulations!

24.08.2016: Maike Luhmann obtained the certificate of appointment as professor

Luhmann Appointment
Rector Prof. Dr. Axel Schölmerich, Prof. Dr. Maike Luhmann, Dean Prof. Dr. Silvia Schneider
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Program of the Colloquium "Psychological Methodology" (Winter Term 2017)

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28.06.2017: Talk of Sabrina Intelisano:
"The Philosophy of Happiness: an overview"
Positive-Psychology Colloquium

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18.05.2017: Inaugural Lecture of Maike Luhmann

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